Innovative Asset Recovery Consultants International
What We Do

Asset Recovery

More often than one would imagine, companies, organizations and even individuals have assets/funds that are owed to them that are misdirected, lost or go undelivered. Due to the the hustle and bustle of day to day business these companies,  organizations and individuals overlook these collections and they are never to be seen again. These companies, organizations and individuals do not have the information and support they need to plan, locate, negotiate and recover said funds. Timely recovery of said assets/funds is critical, otherwise the rightful owner may compromise their ability to recover the assets.

Innovative Asset Recovery Consultants International "iARCi" is an organization of independent consultants who share a common philosophy and approach to serving our clients needs.

Through the process of "Innovative Asset Recovery", we develop the plan, exercise due diligence, locate assets and facilitate recovery of assets/funds.

The recovery process itself takes an average of 90 to 120 days. iARCi has no legal standing to actually collect the asset/funds; rather iARCi identifies the assets/funds and assists its clients in the recovery of those assets/funds. There are certain fiduciary requirements and clients will have to document that they are the rightful owners. iARCi itself does not collect or store any highly personal data regarding our clients. All successfully recovered assets/funds are sent directly to the owner of record "client" and there are no upfront fees required. iARCi's consulting fee is not payable until after our clients have recovered their assets/funds. The extent of iARCi's involvement in the recovery process may vary depending upon the area of the country involved and applicable legal restrictions.